Billy Pugh Personnel Net

  • Model: Personnel Net
  • Manufactured by: Billy Pugh Co
Many years ago in the infancy of the offshore industry, people were transported to and from offshore rigs and platforms with the use of a cargo net. Personnel would hang on to the outside of the net and be moved from boat to rig. Billy Pugh figured out quickly that this was a formula for some serious accidents. A new device was then designed by Billy Pugh as a safe transfer system that allowed personnel to embark and disembark quickly and safely. The Billy Pugh Personnel Transfer Net allowed workers to have the sensation of being inside the device, but also allows the freedom to get off and away from danger when in rough sea conditions.

The Billy Pugh personnel net became the industry standard all over the world. It has saved and protected millions of riders over the years and is a symbol of the offshore industry. Many a new offshore employee remembers his or her first ride on a personnel transfer net; it is almost a rite of passage. There have been many attempts to improve or even replace the personnel net but the basic idea and design is still in use around the world.

The X-800 is valid for 2 years from the In Service Date which is the date the device is removed from its packaging.

Servicing offshore industry for over 50 years.
Collapsible for easy storage
More offshore safe transfers than any personnel transfer device in history

Part Numbers:
X870 - 4 person transfer net - 72″ x 72″ x 16″ - 256lbs - Vertical Length 29'

X871 - Recommended for rough seas - 4 person transfet net - 72″ x 72″ x 16″ - 270lbs Vertical Lenght: 33'


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