USCG Navigation Rules

  • Model: BK299
United States Coast Guard Navigation Rules International and Inland

Also known as NavRules CG169, contains the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (72 COLREGS). A complete copy of the Inland and International Navigations as presented by the United States Coast Guard updated to include all corrections presented by the USCG through July, 1, 2013 (7/1/2013).

Section 88.05 of Annex V to the Inland Rules requires that an up-to-date copy on Navigation Rules be carried at all time on Inland Waters, on all vessels 12 meters (39 feet) or more in length. The COLREGS Demarcation Lines, included at the end of this book, specify the official boundaries between Inland and International Waters.


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