Tyvek® Coveralls

  • Model: TY120SWH
  • Manufactured by: Dupont
Tyvek® is a spunbonded olefin fabric that is made up of millions of polyethylene fibers that are spunbonded to offer unique qualities of excellent barrier, toughness, and strength in all directions. Tyvek® is lightweight and highly resistant to tears and punctures.

Protective clothing made of Tyvek® repels dirt better than woven cloth garments. Tyvek® provides an excellent barrier against dirt and other dry particulates, including asbestos, lead dust, and radioactive dusts down to sub-micron size.

Tyvek® holds out 97% of asebestos, 99% of bacteria and 98% of ambient particles
Tear, puncture, and penetration-resistant
Lightweight and breathable
Chemicall and biologically inert
Gament meets ANSI Standard 101-1996 sizing standard

Coverall, Zipper Front. White


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