Amerex ABC Compliance Flow Extinguisher

  • Model: 715
  • Manufactured by: Amerex
The Amerex Compliance Flow extinguisher has a higher UL rating, extended discharge times and lower flow rate, allowing it to meet or exceed a diverse array of code requirements. If meeting code requirements in a harsh industrial setting is a priority, Compliance Flow models are likely the best choice for you. With our exclusive Amerex paint process, fewer moving parts and simple design, these extinguishers provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance, plus minimal repair and maintenance costs over time.

Rating: 10A: 160B:C
Weight: 58 Lbs.
Height: 26.5 In. Depth: 8 in. Width: 11 in.
Extinguishing Agent: ABC Dry Chemical
Warranty Period: 12 Year Warranty
Certifications: Marine/ UL Approved


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