12 Gauge High-Performance Red Aerial Signals

  • Model: 539
  • Manufactured by: Orion
12 Gauge High-Performance Red Aerial Signals, 4-Pk

USCG approved for day or nighttime signal. Altitude up to 500 feet. Brightness up to 16,000 candela. Burn time up to 7 seconds each. Packed in sealed poly bag.


Aerial and handheld flares are for outdoor emergency signaling only. These are not toys, misuse can result in death/serious injury. Signal launchers launch burning flares at high velocity. Handheld flares produce hot flame and/or dense smoke.

Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flames.

Never point a launcher at a person, animal, or anything flammable.

Never store or carry launcher loaded. Do not load the launcher until immediately prior to use.

Do not use where prohibited by law. It is illegal to ignite/fire distress signals in a non-distress situation.

These products are not intended to be used as weapons and, if used for any purpose other than emergency marine signaling, may subject users to civil or criminal action including under local firearms laws.

Store aerial and handheld flares onboard undercover in a secure, safe, dry place.

Read and follow all instructions carefully.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Orion USCG Approved signals are produced and independently tested to the specifications provided by the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 46, Part 160. Signal performance, however, can be negatively impacted if such signals are not stored properly. They must be stored undercover in a secure, safe, dry location on your boat and should be removed during long periods of boat storage. All signals and launchers should be inspected at least once annually for damage caused by exposure to moisture or mishandling.


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