Pre Moistened Cleaning Tissues

  • Model: 8574GM
  • Manufactured by: Bausch & Lomb
Pre-Moistened Tissues

A lot of clean in a little package. Sight Savers Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues are individually packaged lens cleaning tissues treated with special surfactants that clean all glass and plastic lenses. The tissues provide anti-static and anti-fog protection for moderate conditions.

They are convenient to use; perfect for home, light industrial, office, toolbox, glove compartment, car or truck. Excellent for safety and prescription eyeglasses*, goggles, face shields, computer screens, automobile mirrors and more.

The dispenser holds 100 individually packaged, large 5" x 8" folded pre-moistened tissues. Place the gravity feed dispenser where it's most accessible in a workplace or office environment. Then take and use the individually wrapped tissues wherever you need them.

Key Features & Benefits
Non-silicone based and anti-static
Anti-fog performs in mild fogging conditions
100 pre-moistened tissues per box, 5" x 8"
Unique package means easy dispensing of large 5" x 8" folded pre-moistened tissues


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